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Experienced staff in the industry will help candidates develop technical skills such as advanced drawing skills, computer-aided design, typography, digital imaging, animation, publishing, and more. Candidates learn the theory, practice, and human connection of graphic design. This course covers the conventions of current graphic design ideas and provides engaging, relevant, and original solutions for everything from digital signage and point-of-sale materials to books and billboards. Candidates study design history and principles, idea generation, brand identity, typography, design research, and user experience. Build your network by collaborating with candidates in other disciplines and showing your work to the world.

Students Certified

Graphic designers help clients communicate through the original use of photographs, symbols, text, illustrations, colour, and texture to capture the attention of their target audience. People who study graphic design can work as visual designers, web designers or copywriters, and strategists.
Australia has the third largest number of international students in the world, despite having a population of only 23 million.

These are strong academic achievements, but Australian institutions are as highly regarded as the cities in which they are located across their homeland. As the world gets smaller, clear visual communication is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity. Graphic design is the foundation for candidates to make impactful visual statements themselves.